Discussion : any new bypass

Hey I was wondering if there would be an better version of freeBOOT too allow jtagged consoles online and make the keyvaults last longer please dont flame the post.

im new here and full of ideas pm me if anyone has anything or ideas
I really admire freeBOOT piggy myself big_smile


Discussion : any new bypass


I currently have no time to add new feature to my software.


Discussion : any new bypass

hey i see there is a new freeboot thats out but using this program called jtag tool but its using the old fbbuild program but able to be updated to the 12625 dashboard. Ive tried using it but i cant because im using a cygnos 360 chip and not able to flash it to my chip without getting red rings from it or in other terms e79 is there a way i can implent the files from the other fbbuild programs to use the files in the jtag tool in order to update my jtag?