Discussion : Dash 12625 and FBBuild 20

Was just here to ask the same thing, this is the only programe that supports cygnos v2 wiring, i have tried every other program and it just will not work, tried replacing the smc bins everything. Seems for some reson this is the ONLY programe that creates a valid freeboot for my cygnos, kinda wishing i never used a cygnos, pain in the ass!.


Discussion : Dash 12625 and FBBuild 20

I found this guide if it helps, only it makes no sense at the extract your SMC part, as there is no option to extract the smc???? with Cygnos toolbox???, marked the weirdo part with ??????, if anybody can help?.

Here are the required tools:

* -Cygnos toolbox latest
* -fbbuild .2 w/ all necessary dash files:

First thing is first. This is written assuming that you've already gotten your original nand image backed up, and are working with a cygnos converted freeboot image now, as in that is what you HAVE installed, and want to replace (eg 12611). Also written assuming you already have your cygnos windows drivers installed. There are tutorials already out there for that.

Preliminary stuff:
Once you've un-rared fbbuild v0.20.rar, go to the folder inside titled 'mydata' and open the cpukey.txt file. Replace the digits at the top with your cpu key.
Have your freeboot (or otherwise cygnos-patched/confirmed working image)on hand.

Now, the good stuff:

* -Plug power into your cygnos jtag, but do not turn it on. Make sure you flip the cygnos switch off, then on again for caution's sake.
* -Plug the USB from your cygnos into the computer
* -Launch Cygnos Toolbox
* -Select the "Extract Sections" tab. In the top box, "Image," navigate to your pre-existing freeboot image. Now, extract your kv as kv.bin and your SMC config as config.bin
* -Select the "Patch SMC" tab.

* -Again, navigate to your freeboot image, then extract your smc as smc.bin ?????????????????????????????????

* -Now, go back into your fbbuild folder. In my data, place all those files (kv.bin , smc.bin , and config.bin) in that directory.
* -Open a command window in the folder containing fbbuild.exe
* -In the command prompt, follow this example (as in the ibuild readme):
fbBuild.exe -c falcon -d mydata -f 12625 myfalconout.bin


Discussion : Dash 12625 and FBBuild 20

wow busy here, since i have 4 jtaggs i may just piss on my cygnos


Discussion : Dash 12625 and FBBuild 20

I'm very busy this moment, but this Sunday I planed to work on the new version.
For the SMC for Cygnos v2 you need to create freeBOOT with this SMC : http://www.megaupload.com/?d=ZY667ROL.
This SMC fix the error if the JTAG is wired with Cygnos.


Discussion : Dash 12625 and FBBuild 20

Hi bestpig, i already tried the smc from that collection, for some reson my box just wont boot, it just boots to a black screen, and nothing, i dont get it?

I either get no boot, fans spinning fast, or boot to black screen with no lights, no matter what i do, i just cannot get a working image?

Ill wait for your tool, obviously i am doing somthing wrong.

Oh Best Pig " Where Art Thou!"