Discussion : Error with newest freepig

Hello, hope English okay, my French is terrible and would only insult.

I am using windows 7 and have never had a problem with previous versions of bestpig. They have all worked flawlessly. I am doing the same process and using the same .bin image created and checked with flash360.

In the newest version it gets to 100% and then says it was not created correctly.

I get an update image, but I am hesitant to try it.
Any help is appreciated. Thank you and thank you for your hardwork and such a great program.


Discussion : Error with newest freepig

If I turn on debug mode it goes through and says it is successful, which I find odd.

It gets to 25% and then the command window pops up and says:

Error: Could not find file "sysupdate.xexp1".
ERROR: Unhandled exception
Press any key to continue

If I press a key it gets to 88%, and then pops up a window which says that fbBuild Finished and to have a nice day.
Press <enter> to quit...

If I press enter again it says:
freeboot has been properly generated, final bin location:

Not sure how to tell if it is really proper and what that first error means. Going to do some searches until I hear back.


Discussion : Error with newest freepig

It's an original dump or XBR dump ?
Your dump has any damaged sector ?

What type of console do you have Xenon, Falcon, Jasper ... ?


Discussion : Error with newest freepig

xenon, not an original dump, no bad sectors

I went ahead and flashed it to the 360 and it took fine and seems to be working 100% on the new dash. So I am not sure what the error was about exactly, but either way it all works.